Apitherapy studio 

 Apitherapy studio is CLOSED until further notice. I have recently moved and will take me some time to get grounded and open up my offerings again. 

Hive Medicine facial 

Hive Medicine Facial  

Relax ontop of a bee bed (yes a literal beehive) and recieve... 

A luxurious facial that begins with a face mask containing Royal jelly, Honey and other amazing natural and high quality ingredients. 

I will leave you to relax, soak up the experience and feel the vibration of the bees. The mask will be cleansed off and I will paint a secret recipe hot beeswax  mixture that will set on the skin as a second mask treatment. 

The wax is a natural emollient, helping make skin supple and soft. When applied to the skin, it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete. The beeswax mask tightens and can bring a fresh blood supply to your face. It helps to open pores and remove dead skin cells.

After the beeswax mask is removed, I massage propolis tincture into the face and neck and then finish off with a nourishing application of my Magic herb balm. 

Walk out with skin that will look fresh and feel smooth with the radiant glow of bee medicine. 

Share a cup of home grown mint tea with me from my garden and enjoy teaspoon of honey and pollen. This will a optional ritual with all of my treatments 🌱

Time: 1 hour treatment 
Cost: $100

Hive air Pranayama 

*this treatment is not yet available* 

Breathe work with the bees.

 The inside of a beehive is one of the most hygienic environments found on earth. The air is much cleaner than the air we usually breathe. The sterilisation rate of a beehive reaches a rate similar to that of a surgery room, but without artificial solutions. The air from a bee hive is filled with the etheric smells of bees, along with the positive energetic charge which boosts the immune system, positively affects the respiratory organs, reduces stress and improves general wellbeing. This practise has the potential to send you into a heightened meitative state of mind and consciousness. 

Sitting on top of a colony of bees, you will be given a respiratory mask that is attached by a tube to the hive. This mask gently moves hive air to you, but does not recycle your own breathe back into the hive. 
 I will guide you through specific Pranayama (breathe work) exercises to help you recieve this incredible bee medicine to it's full potential. 

It is said to be particularly good for respiratory issues such as,
 Bronchitis, Asthma, Allergies, Susceptibility to infection, chronic inflammation that leads to Immune system weakening, Chronic headaches, migraine and Depression. 

After each hive air session, a colony needs a break of at least 45 minutes before air can be used again. TREATMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT WINTER. 

Suitable for children and adolescents, as well as adults and the elderly, it is also beneficial for athletes and those who face extreme psychophysical challenges. 

You may do a maximum of 2 hive air sessions per day. 

Time: 15 minutes 
Cost: $40

Share a cup of home grown mint tea with me from my garden and enjoy teaspoon of honey and pollen. 🌱 (optional)

Beeswax dipping (hands) 

*this treatment is not yet available*

Beeswax may be used to help relieve pain in the hands, joints and body of people with:
 • osteoarthritis
 • rheumatoid arthritis
 • fibromyalgia
 • other joint mobility issues 

It acts like a form of heat therapy and can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness. Beeswax can also minimize muscle spasms and
 inflammation as well as treat sprains. Numerous layers of wax will be added and then wrapped. You do need to have a pain tolerance for the dipping as it can be an intense sensation on nerve endings. The pain only lasts a second and the rest of the treatment is soothing. You will have soft and fresh skin to the treated area, propolis and my Magic herb balm will be massaged into area once wax is removed. 

$60 hands (both hands included in price)
Time: 30 minutes 

*other joints and areas youd like treated with this method may be available upon consultation 

Share a cup of home grown mint tea with me from my garden and enjoy teaspoon of honey and pollen. 🌱 (optional)

The sun and her bees light work

Lay on top of a colony of bees, relax, feel their vibration and allow the bees to work their light from below. From above you will be receiving Reiki, an ancient energy work technique that works intimately with the power of the sun. 

This treatment is recommended for the calming and strengthening of the mind, easing anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns, low self-esteem, insomnia, irritability, addictions, relationship troubles and fears. Reiki is renowned for relieving pain in the body, a safe and gentle supportive treatment to help the body have a faster recovery for cancer, as well as improving the results of medical treatments and reducing recovery time. 

Relax and gain a powerful energetic download of healing energy from the sun and the bees. 

Share a cup of home grown mint tea with me from my garden and enjoy teaspoon of honey and pollen. 🌱 (optional)

*This treatment is not yet available*