Beeswax tealights


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100% Pure beeswax tealight with a cotton wick, made by the sun, her flowers and the bees. Minimally processed by human hands from the honeycomb of loved and tenderly treated bees. The wax is heated slowly to insure I do not harm all of the benefits of the beeswax. Every batch is different and the colour may vary. 

The sun radiates light upon the earth, flowers embrace this energy which feeds them to grow tall and proud. Petals ripe with nectar, this attracts the bees to collect and transform this sweet magic from within. These ladies literally sweat the wax out of their soul as a kind of divine fat, then they mould this into sacred geometry. It is what connects a hive together and becomes part of their subtle communication. Used as womb, then repurposed and re loved time and time again as it is needed collectively. A substance alive with creativity and abundance. Stolen by humans and transformed once again into medicine that can become a sun in darkness ☀️

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