The Serpent flame


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These slithering snake like candles are a powerful symbol made to represent the sacred connection between the snake and bee. They are protectors of birth and regeneration.  A bridge between worlds, both creatures hold the gift of medicine disguised within their poision.🐍 

The snake's venom is associated with the chemicals of plants and fungi that have the power to either heal, poison or provide expanded consciousness.
THE ELIXIR OF LIFE AND IMMORTALITY through divine intoxication. Because of its herbal knowledge and entheogenic association the snake was often considered one of the wisest animals, known and worshiped in many ancient cultures as being close to the divine. In a symbolic way its habitat in the earth is between the roots of plants. Historically this makes it an animal with chthonic properties connected to the afterlife, fertility and creative life force. In some cultures, snakes symbolise the umbilical cord, joining all humans to Mother Earth. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

These slithering snake like candles are made mostly by the sun, her flowers and the bees. 100% pure Australian beeswax from well loved and cared for hives. 

Hand dipped and moulded to form this unique shape, so each candle will be slightly different. They are stunning even if you decide not to burn it and leave is simply as a sacred decoration piece in your home. A soft flame that sets a calming and romantic atmosphere.

Unlike petrol chemical candles and even soy candles, beeswax is said to remove toxins from the environment. This divine candle will fill the room with a subtle honeyed fragrance.