My services. Workshops, mentoring and honey bee rescues. 


Educational presentations for Adults and children of all ages.
The future will belong to the nature-smart-those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need- Richard Louv
My fun presentations are sure to inspire fertile minds to learn more about nature, science and the environment.
Bees are the most important pollinators and responsible for every three mouthfuls of the food we eat!
As also highlight Australias native bees and have a detailed poster for people to view and get more familiar with our other important pollinators.
For these older children of ages 7 and up I also have a fun interactove bee game where the children are able to act out the roles within a bee hive. (Outdoor space needed)

If the presentation is in Spring or summer I may be albe to open a hive (this one is great for distance video presentations) I can then explain the special process of working with the bees live. 

30 minute session - $80
1 hour session - $120
Can do presentations live over zoom chat for school or kindergartens far away or for Online learning experiences. 
For in person presentations, Travel costs for outside of the Mitta Mitta Valley apply. 

DIY Native bee hotel workshop

A bee hotel helps beneficial insects have a safe space to nest in your garden. Unlike social bees, solitary bees do not create hives, instead they lay their eggs in all kinds of nooks and crannies.
 Australia has more than 1,500 species of native bees – the smallest is less than 2mm in length.
 Build a bee hotel habitat with recycled materials. Each person is able to build their own “bee hotel” from prepared materials, to bring home and install in their own garden boosting the biodiversity of their home garden. 
Appropriate workshop for children (aged 7 and up) and adults. 
 Time length- 2 hours 
 Cost- $35 per person (7 person minimum)

Below is an image of my daughter Olive with a completed native bee hotel.


I believe that the bees themselves will above all be your greatest teacher, as long as you listen , are mindful, slow and gentle with the bees you are on your way to creating a symbiosis (mutually beneficial relationship) with the bees rather than one of exploitation that I am sad to say most of the commercial and even backyard beekeeping courses will advise you to take practice in. I call my style bee-centric beekeeping. 

A gentle way to begin your beekeeping journey with some guidance, direction, assistance and to answer all your questions and concerns as you navigate this meaningful journey into the world of bees. 

I am happy to chat with you via video call if you are far away, or help in person if you are in my area. 

1 x 45min session- $80
3 x 45min session- $200

Check in as I organise a full day bee-centric beekeeping course at the beginning of Spring each year at my sweet honey home in Eskdale in the beautiful Mitta Mitta Valley.

I will cover the history of beekeeping, mysticism and spirituality around bees, natural beekeeping methods, different hive designs, hive life, respectful ways to support and work with the bees and we will even get to open a hive to harvest a little honey. 

An organic lunch will be provided to share together and at the end you will be welcome to share tea and have an open discussion and encourage questions. 

Cost $200 per person 

Swarm Removal

Why rescue the bees?
Bees have been a companion of humans for thousands of years. They make love to the earth through pollination and every aspect of the hive is incredibly healing. Bees are constantly under threat from pesticides or habitat loss. They deserve pur reverence, honour and respect.

Maybe these bees have just shown up and are not sure where they’ll set up home, or maybe they’ve been in your wall for a while and have started to build honey comb and grow their colony.

First things first, don’t panic, close your eyes and listen to their gentle hum. Those bees aren’t interested in attacking you, they’re just looking for a new place to set up their home.  In ancient cultures bees showing up at your place was seen as a good omen.. a sign of abundance to come.

When I rescue a swarms of bees or collect a colony and I will give them a new, safe home.

What does it cost to remove the bees?
This depends on where you are and where the bees are.  I am located in Eskdale in the Mitta Mitta Valley in Victoria. For an easy to reach swarm in a tree or shrub, collection can be as little as $50. For a hive removal (they have already built honeycomb) prices start from $150
If bees are stuck in a wall, a roof, a compost bin or somewhere else that’s tricky as it is like preforming an operation of cutting out the eggs and placing them safely back together into a honeycomb frame. So in this case the collection fee will be more depending on the circumstance.  

We try to rescue and save the bees, rather than killing them by a pest controller ! A pest controller is at least $180 anyway. 

It is best not to exterminate bees because if the colony is poisioned not only do you kill that colony but you may also kill bees from neighbouring colonys that will come and rob the now toxic honey. This will have a ripple effect of sufferage for the bees. If you have had bees exterminated from a wall in your house it is best to remove all the honey comb as it will start to ferment, damage your walls and attract invasive pests. 

All you need to do is to Text me details such as, how long has the colony been in location, where are they located, an idea of the size and a photo would be helpful. I will contact you as soon as I can to make time to remove the colony! 

Services are to be paid on location, cost involves insurance, petrol and time.
Give me a call and we can discuss your particular bee situation.

Beeswax wrap workshop

Learn how to make beeswax wraps and help eliminate plastic. A perfect alternative to cling wrap and zip lock bags for covering bowls of leftovers and packing in lunchboxes. These wraps keep food fresh and hygienic, made from beeswax, the wraps are washable, reusable and compostable.
 Be part of the solution with a practical and fun sustainability workshop.
 What you will learn:
 .I will do a short bee talk where you will learn all about bees and where beeswax comes from
 .I will talk you through the process and give tips on how to process raw honeycomb into beeswax
 .How to make and maintain your own beeswax wraps
 What you will get:
 . A three pack of ready to use beeswax food wraps
 .a fun and informative workshop
 What to bring:
 Workshop cost $35pp
I love to travel, contact me if you would like to organise a group and I may be able to come to you.