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A beehive is a womb. Full of power and creating caressing the earth and your soul.

The European honey bee is not #endangered, honeybee genitics are endangered. The methods we are using to exploit #bees is crumbling apart. 'Feral' wild honey bees are thriving.

Nothing is wrong with bees. Something is wrong with our industrialized agricultural model. Something is wrong with the way we are attempting to bend #nature to our will

The reason everyone is noticing is out of our #greed and need of #honey and fear of a price rise of a food system that largely depends on pollination. FEAR of a collapse of a commercial food ststem that is unsustainable. The collapse of the system is inevitable. The honey bee is a mirror a warning that we need to drastically change our methods. 
Small scale localised farming CAN feed the world 🐝

Honey as a TEETHING remedy

I am currently in Morocco and was suprised to discover that a common remedy in the Arabic culture for teething is HONEY. Olives grandma told me to take a small amount of raw honey on the finger and rub it on the gums for RELIEF when the teeth are coming through. 
There is much irony in our current view that honey is unsuitable for infants, given that for most of human history, honey was seen as the most suitable food for newborns, after milk. As it says in Isaiah 7, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and shall bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good." So I did a little research and have discovered that In countless cultures, from ancient Egypt to modern Burma, babies have been given a little taste of this "molten gold" after they are born, not just for energy but to offer spiritual protection. 
The more I look into it the more I think that in our current view in the Western world that honey is unsuitable for infants.. is ludicrous.

During the US Depression, honey was used by public health officials to bring undernourished infants in New Jersey back from the grave - half a teaspoon at first, then a little more and a little more, until their emaciated bodies recovered strength.

It was only in 1978 that honey became a forbidden food for infants. It came about after a few rare cases of botulism in California. They did a lot of testing and found the spores in a lot of things... from soil to honey... but you can not put a warming label on the earth beneth our feet.. so all of a sudden honey become unsafe for babies. 
Something feels kinda sticky about the blanket warning against honey as a baby food in a world which sees little wrong in feeding babies rusks thick with vegetable oil and yoghurts laced with sugar 🐝❤#honeyremedy

Our first Australian BEE collective retreat. What a weekend! 
There were moments that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. It felt like one big dream come true.

Big THANKYOU to everyone who was there both physically and energetically. I am feeling connected and charged with love and hope for the earth as a hive collective 🐝🌱

My bee journey 

It was an inspiring 100 year old lecture series by Rodulf Steiner that sparked my interest in bees. Since It has become an all encompassing LOVE affair. I am entranced by the mystery and wonder that is the bee.

I began looking into ancient mythology involving the bee and what I found was great tales of love and worship. The ancients knew the value and importance of these little sun  beings. 

This set me on a path and a mission to dedicate my life to re-sacralise the bee. I feel that if people view bees from a place of love and respect, then our domestication and treatments of bees will change to become more of a symbiosis- a mutually beneficial relationship. 

For the past three years I have been vollenteering for Save the bees Australia, I have learnt and discovered so much about myself and about being part of a community that works just like a colony of bees. Above all I feel that bees are the greatest teacher and my mantra again and again is that The bees will show me the way in this ever evolving dream.

Break the rules. 

Feminists will wear whatever they want whenever they feel like wearing it. If you feel good when you are with the bees, it is going to a more gentle experience for both you and the bees. 
Break the rules, it is not in the imitation of men that women find strength. Women have the universal super power of creation vibrating from womb to womb. When women embrace their sexuality, their softness, their shadow, whatever it is, when they embrace their authentic nature it is here that we can all show up together, heal the earth and tenderly care for the bees. 
New boots and a perfect frame of honey ❤