The alchemy of the hive 

Incorporate bee products into your everyday life for health, beauty and hive vibes.
100% Female owned, Australian made on community.
 Made by the bees and loving hands.

Products kind to the bees, your body, earth and soul.

Never underestimate your power as a mindful consumer. It is time for us all to deeply evaluate the waste we create on the planet and re-evaluate our purchasing habits. 

For me this means not only looking into my personal use of single use plastic, but at my small business to make sure I am doing the best I can to not only produce clean products for your body and home, but ones that are kind and gentle to the planet. 

Plastic in my shop is rare and very minimal, I use mostly glass, aluminium and paper pouches for the majority of my products.

There is always room for improvement and here are some of the ways I am striving to improve. 

I have invested in high quality padded mailers that are made from recycled cardboard. When you order online, your items are posted in a strong padded bag or box and the mailer is recyclable again after use, or can left in the soil to break down into the earth. I wrap the honeys up in Eco friendly tissue paper natural hex wrap and the packing tape I use is plastic free. 

All of my stickers are PLASTIC FREE 100% compostable, printed with plant based inks, sulphur-free and made with water soluble glue. 

Ingredients for all products are sourced obsessively to find the highest I can find. While the majority of ingredients are certified organic, I will give preference to local and small scale if I can find it.