Dreamtime Plum Kiss

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A dreamy lip balm made from 100% Australian native ingredients.

The beeswax and propolis was collected from a wild colony of native sugar bag bees. The tree they were living in fell and their home was destroyed. Thankfully we were able to save and rehome the colony. Propolis in this tincture was salvaged from the this rescue. (Limited stock)

A powerful little pot which is not just amazing to nourish and protect your lush lips. This is a high vibe pot of goodness for cuts, scrapes, bites, cold sores... ect.

It contains a high amount of propolis which is the most antimicrobial substance found on earth! Davidson plum contains a high amount of Vitamin C, E, folate, zinc, magnesium and calcium. 

Macadamia oil,
Native Sugarbag beeswax,
Native Sugarbag propolis,
Bush food Davidson Plum.