Blood Ritual Candle


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When a womb holder chooses to reclaim the holy nature of their menstruation, they heal not only for themselves, but for their ancestors, our collective, and future generations. Beeswax is vibrating with the story of the sun, her flowers, and the wisdom of the bees. This sacred feminine bee medicine will assist us to birth a new vision for the earth. This candle was created with love, the idea born from my menstruation. My intention is for the flame to serve an energetic reminder of the creative power of the WOMB for healing, connection and empowerment. 

Along with this beautiful candle you will receive a beautiful card with Blood rituals to honour your moon and connect with the hive 🩸🐝

This sacred pillar candle is 13cm tall and 5cm 
Pure beeswax, beetroot and a cotton wick. 
She burns for over 30hours