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A little package of light. Made with love ❤

In the Middle Ages beeswax was considered valuable enough to become a form of currency, it was extremely useful as a means of light and was used for many other aspects of daily life. At one stage it was even more valuable than gold. 
This makes a lot of sense to me when I ponder about the amount of energy that goes into the creation of the god like substance.They need to consume 8 times the amount of honey to materialise wax. Think about the amount of sun energy synthesized by plants and then visited by bees. Think about the thousands of bees that literally sweat this golden butter out of their body. 

Here are sacred little dollops of condensed love and light energy. 

Tealights packaged up in a sweet beeswax wrap. Send one to yourself and unwrap it like a little present! Then save the pretty packaging and re-use in your kitchen in the place of glad wrap to keep food fresh #plasticfree

The wax is from the hives of Save the bees Australia on the Mornington Peninsula. Simon never uses any chemical tretments inside his hives.
All the wax has been processed from the stage of raw honeycomb. 

*6 pure beeswax tealight
*1 medium beeswax wrap (22cm wide, 25cm long)

The fabric I am currently using is a beautiful floral Australian eucalypt design.