Eucalyptus CHEST RUB.


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This is an EMBODYBEE all natural imitation on 'Vicks Vaporub'. Simple, yet effective for cold and flu to relieve a stuffy nose with the overpowering scent of eucalyptus oil gently messaged into the chest. 

INGREDIENTS- Olive oil. Beeswax. Eucalyptus oil. 

Here is why you should buy my version and avoid Vaseline (petroleum jelly) at all costs. 

Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the petroleum manufacturing process. Yes, petroleum as in petrol. The raw materials in petroleum jelly (what you smear on your skin) were actually discovered on an oil rig in 1859 – it was found building up in the machinery!
 A chemical that is hard to dispose of, so clever corperations have process it into a skin product and sassy marketers have convinced consumers to buy the stuff. 

Petroleum jelly has the unique ability to absorb into our skin and lock itself into place in between cells in our lipid barrier. Manufacturers of the stuff will tell you this creates long lasting, smooth skin. But truth be told, petroleum jelly has no moisturizing properties of its own. Instead, it acts as an impermeable barrier to the skin. Sure it will lock in whatever moisture is underneath it to give your skin the appearance of moisturized skin, but it will also lock in any dirt, sweat, or bacteria that exists. This barrier will also deter any added moisture or beneficial ingredients from other products to reach the skin. Also, since petroleum jelly is not water soluble, it does not easily wash away, which means it can build up in yoir system over time. 

Do not fear! I AM HERE.... with an alternative product... beeswax! Your skin will love it and is a much better product to trust for your long term health at a very affordable price. 

Comes in a beautiful 50ml Amber glass jar with an aluminium lid.