Natural Miswak toothbrush


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This is a twig from a sacred tree that that grows in the desert close to sacred MECCA in Saudi Arabia. It is called Miswak and is a teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora persica tree. 

It is said to have been used over 7000 years ago. The twig itself is antibacterial and helps control the formation and activity of dental plaque, they can be used effectively as a natural toothbrush for teeth cleaning. 

Great to keep handy in your bag as it does not take up much space and removes that fuzzy feeling for moments when you are caught without your toothbrush. You simply pollish your with the flat end of the twig.

You can use either end. To get the bristles you need to carve with eaither a knife or your teeth the outer layer of the twig.

On my travels to Morocco I have bought a small quanity back to Australia with me. Only available while stock lasts.

Above is a little clip of me explaining Miswak and how to use it.