Native Sugarbag Bee Propolis Tincture

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Propolis collected from a wild colony of native sugar bag bees. The tree the bees were living in fell and their home was destroyed. Thankfully we were able to save and rehome the colony. Propolis in this tincture was salvaged from the this rescue. (Limited stock) 

Propolis is the most antimicrobial substance found on earth! It is collected by the bees from plant and tree resins. What is so special about the native Sugarbag bees is that they have evolved with Australian flora, so they are efficient in finding propolis from native plant species. Sugarbag bees use a lot more propolis within the hive and within their beeswax than European honeybees, this is one of the reasons that native bees do not experience many pests or diseases within the hive.

Organic brandy,
Raw honey,
Native Sugarbag bee propolis,
Organic pure alcohol. 

How to 
Can have a few drops under the tounge or diluted in a glass of water as a daily immune booster. 
If you feel you are coming down with something- take a full dropper a few times a day.
Wonderful on the skin for open wounds, cuts and scrapes.