Sacred Temptress HONEY

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Raw honey that was harvested from the land I live on. On a lush forested comunity in Thora, NSW Australia. 

All of my hives and bees are well loved using natural bee-centric principles. 

What does that mean? 
Bee-centered means that I everything I do puts the needs of the bees first before my human greed. The bee hives I own are little temples of worship, they are all lovingly collected and thoughtfully placed. I name my hives, talk to them like my friends and adorn them with paint and beautiful designs.

Unlike most conventional beekeepers I 
- NEVER feed bees sugar 
- DON'T use queen excluders 
- DON’T use any plastic frames or equipment within a bee hive 
- NEVER kill queens (this is a common yearly practice to increase honey production)
- ALL my hives are rescues (come from wild swarms and cut outs) Never splits (forced early c-section to artificially make a new colony)
- Allow the bees to build natural comb with no foundation or wire within my frames (this can effect the way the bees communicate)
- Honey is crushed not spun (more hive medicine products within including, bee bread and propolis)  
- Honey is ONLY ever harvested if there is actually an abundance and I know that the bees have MORE than enough for themselves to get through the winter (I harvest during honey flows and when I pack down for winter)  

100% plastic free with an Australian made glass jar, aluminium lid, sticker is biodegradable and printed with plant based inks and glues.