Womb LOVE pack

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This is a divine gift to someone experiencing their first bleed or to yourself or anyone wanting to bring ceremony and ritual to their womb time. 

Blood ritual candle-
A pure beeswax pillar dripping with beetroot colored beeswax to light in honor of the womb. She burns for over 30 hours and comes with a card that has empowering suggestions of ways to bring ceremony to your bleed time. 

The Honeyed Wombxn-
A honey combined with Chinese Medicine herbs to support the womb. 
Raw Honey,
Organic Maca,
Organic Goji Berry,
Australian grown red date,
Organic Dong Gui,
Peony Root,
Organic Schisandra Berry,
Organic Liquorice Root. 

Ceremonial Honeyed Cacao- 
For that cheeky sweet tooth cravings on your bleed. 
Raw honey
Organic Cacao (grated ceremonial cacao, cacao powder, raw cacao nibs)
Cayenne Pepper 

The Mother Mary-
A beautiful candle to burn at this time, or place on an alter to honor the power of the yoni. 

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