Beeswax candle making workshop. Sunday the 16th of May

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Delivery Time 3 - 19 Business days

Come along to get waxy! 

This will be an interactive, hands on, fun learning experience. 

You will learn- 
.A short lesson on beeswax and how it is made by the bees 
.the amazing benefits of beeswax for purifying the air 
.tips and guidance on how to process honeycomb into rendered beeswax
. how to source the best pure Australian beeswax
. Tips and advice to understand suitable wicking 
. Tips and advice on how to make a candles in glass containers or home made ceramics
. Tips on ways to make home made scented oils infuse into wax if your like scented candles  

You will make and go home with 6 beautiful beeswax candles-
. A classic pillar candle using an at home everyday item as the mould (not photographed above yet)
. A sweet little hand dipped beeswax birthday candle
. A pure beeswax tealight 
. A 15cm long hand dipped beeswax candle dusted in rose petals 
. A 50 gram glass hexagon candle with a wooden wick 
. A hand rolled beeswax foundation candle 

Sunday the 16th of May
At my place in Eskdale 

Cost is $50
(It appears as $40 as I do not know how to take off the shipping cost) 

If you would rather pay cash on the day, just contact me or send an email to for me to hold a spot for you on the day. 

Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult, ages 8 and up. Just be mindful we will be working with very hot wax. If you'd like to make the 6 candles together I will not charge for an extra person, but if youd like to make 6 each, then it is the regular workshop price.