Introduction the bee guardianship. SPRING 2023

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A full two days weekend workshop at the beginning of Spring in the Bellingen region of NSW. (Dates yet to bee announced)

Join me for a full weekend of learning about flowers, Apitherapy and how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the bees.

This workshop will give you a solid grounding in the principles of Natural Beekeeping. It will will cover the history of beekeeping, mysticism and spirituality around bees, natural beekeeping methods, apitherapy, how to find the right hive designs for your style, hive life, respectful ways to support and work with the bees and we will even get to have a little meditation with the bees and open a hive (weather depending) and how to get started.

This course is approximately 80% class room learning, and 20% practical learning in the beautiful Bellingen region in NSW.

What you will learn: 

– Natural Beekeeping Principles
– Different types of hives 
- Native bees and sugar bag bee education (Guest speaker, Chelsea from @stickytipsbees)
– What you need to get started (protective equipment, gear, hiveware etc)
– Bee biology and how it relates to Natural Beekeeping
– the Superorganism concept
– Apitherapy 
– Different ways to source bees 
- Connecting with a hive 
– Pests and diseases
– Techniques for Harvesting and processing honey, honeycomb and beeswax 

There is a lot to cover in one weekend, so it is more of an introduction into the world of bees. It will be very interactive, open to questions and group discussion through out, so that you are receiving what you would like the learn. Above is a bit of a guideline and I will spend more or less time on the subjects depending what the group is interested in. You do not have to want to keep bees in order to come along, I will give plenty of information on other ways to support the bees. 

There will be a practical session (weather permitting), opening up a hive to take a peek and get a sense of how things work. Some bee veils will be provided, although please let me know of you have one already and bring it along. We will get to harvest and squish raw honeycomb. 

I hope that you leave this course with with even more awe, curiosity and wonder than you had when you came. A step into the world of bees and on your way to becoming a bee guardian in whatever form that may bee. 

A delicious organic lunch both days will be provided to share together as well as tea, healthy snacks and raw local honey to taste. Please let me if you have any food intolerances. 


$513 per person EARLY BIRD 
$699 Full price 

(It is $499 above as I don't know how to remove the shipping cost on my website) 

Limited numbers, make sure you book in advance. This one yearly workshop always sells out! 

9 - 4 over both a Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of Spring (Dates not yet announced) 

One scholarship available- if you feel you are supposed to BEE a part, but can not afford the fee. Email me expressing your interest in bees and why you would love to attend. 

One exchange tickets available for a photographer