Introduction to bee guardianship and Top Bar hives with Adrian Iodice.

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I am excited to bring to you a rare opportunity to learn from two renowned natural bee tenders. Adrian and Emily are joining forces and collaborating to bring to you this very special workshop. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

A full two-day weekend workshop in Bellingen, NSW.
(Hosted by Levendale farm)

Dates: 19th and 20th of August

Join Emily from Embodybee and Adrian from Beekeeping Naturally for a full weekend of learning about flowers, apitherapy and how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the bees. 

Adrian shares an intimate knowledge of, and love for, bees so the skills learned are both practical and spiritual. His specialty is with the Kenyan top bar hives and he will be bringing us wisdom from his journey working closely with this style of hive, as well as a wealth of insight from dedicating his life’s work to helping us learn more kind and gentle ways to tend the bees (away from the conventional methods taught in most backyard beekeeping courses).

Emily brings to us a unique way of being in relationship with a hive from the perspective of the feminine. Her life’s purpose is to re-sacralise the bee and bring back the medicines of the hive into everyday use for human health and BEEauty. She is seductive and a little sassy in her approach to things. Yet her style of teaching makes soaking in this wealth of information very relatable, understandable and fun.

This unique course teaches the fundamentals of Natural, Bee Centric and Organic, Beekeeping practices and theories. While also inspiring a reverence for the miraculous, wordless lives of honeybees whose complex communal patterns and systems draw us into greater and more sacred connections to life, nature and community.

Who is it for?
Beginner beekeepers wanting to understand the fundamentals of bee-centric bee-care;
Experienced beekeepers wanting to explore a deeper, more natural, bee-centric approach to beekeeping;
Anyone wanting to deepen their connection to, and appreciation of, the miraculous lives of bees.

What you will learn:
Natural Beekeeping Principles
Planting for honeybees
History of Beekeeping
Mythology, spiritual connection to bees
Developmental stages of the honeybee organism, (The Bee-ing)
The importance of natural honeycomb
How to catch a swarm — and the equipment you’ll need
Where best to position a beehive
The use of all the products and elements from the hive for healing human health (Apitheraphy)
Kenyan topbar hive management techniques
Alternative hive designs and how to find one that benefits you and the bees the best (with respect)
What you need to get started (protective equipment, gear, hiveware etc)
Pests and diseases (plus tips for natural techniques for varroa management)
How to harvest and process raw honeycomb
Tips and techniques for rendering beeswax

There will be a practical session (weather permitting), opening up a Kenyan top bar as well as a Warre hive to take a peek and get a sense of how things work. Some bee veils will be provided, although please let me know of you have one already and bring it along. We will get to harvest and squish raw honeycomb.

What to Bring
It’s going to be a full two days of information so bring:
Lunch for both days,
A pad and pen to take notes,
A light coloured, thick, long sleeve shirt or pullover (for during hive inspections),
Long loose fitting pants,
A bee veil or bee suit if you have one,
Fully enclosed shoes,
We will look into an active hive only if weather permits!

You will leave with the confidence to start caring for your own bee colony, the capacity to catch and relocate a swarm, as well as insight into how caring for bees can open us to a greater understanding of life.

I hope that you leave this course with even more awe, curiosity and wonder than you had when you came. A step into the world of bees and on your way to becoming a bee guardian in whatever form that may bee.

EARLY BIRD- $500 (until the 1st of June)
FULL PRICE- $600 (if any spots are still available) 

(It is $468 price on my website above is because I cannot remove the shipping cost on my website) 

Limited to an intimate group of 25 people, make sure you book in advance.

This is the first time both Adrian and I have collaborated for a workshop. We are both renowned Australian Natural bee tenders, and we have a feeling that our unique workshop will sell out quickly.