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A beehive is a womb. Full of power and creating caressing the earth and your soul.

My bee journey 

It was an inspiring 100 year old lecture series by Rodulf Steiner that sparked my interest in bees. Since It has become an all encompassing LOVE affair. I am entranced by the mystery and wonder that is the bee.

I began looking into ancient mythology involving the bee and what I found was great tales of love and worship. The ancients knew the value and importance of these little sun  beings. 

This set me on a path and a mission to dedicate my life to re-sacralise the bee. I feel that if people view bees from a place of love and respect, then our domestication and treatments of bees will change to become more of a symbiosis- a mutually beneficial relationship. 

For the past three years I have been vollenteering for Save the bees Australia, I have learnt and discovered so much about myself and about being part of a community that works just like a colony of bees. Above all I feel that bees are the greatest teacher and my mantra again and again is that The bees will show me the way in this ever evolving dream.

Break the rules. 

Feminists will wear whatever they want whenever they feel like wearing it. If you feel good when you are with the bees, it is going to a more gentle experience for both you and the bees. 
Break the rules, it is not in the imitation of men that women find strength. Women have the universal super power of creation vibrating from womb to womb. When women embrace their sexuality, their softness, their shadow, whatever it is, when they embrace their authentic nature it is here that we can all show up together, heal the earth and tenderly care for the bees. 
New boots and a perfect frame of honey ❤

Just bee.

Every hive is a beeing with a unique personality. All of the bees in our backyard were originally wild swarms, all of them are unique in their own way and respond differently to different people and the world around them. 
The more you think about bees, talk to them and spend time close, the more a colony will get to know you and be comfortable in your presence. My daughter spends a lot of time in the backyard and she feels confident enough the come right up to the entrance and play. If a stranger did this, they would most likely get stung. It is beautiful to watch up my daughter so fearlessly be in their presence, she is not afraid, even though she is aware they can sting and she has been stung before when she has accidentally stepped on one with bare feet.